Maxfli Edge 3-Wheel Push Cart
Maxfli Edge 3-Wheel Push Cart

Maxfli Edge 3-Wheel Push Cart

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Experience unrivaled convenience with the Edge 3-Wheel Push Cart. This lightweight cart features a 3-step assembly/disassembly process, highlighted by red handles, for remarkably easy engagement. An adjustable, padded grab handle sits next to the golf ball, scorecard and beverage holder for unhindered access to on-course accessories. Customizable bag brackets, an easy to engage foot brake and rugged wheels all simplify the walking experience.



  • Lightweight, durable construction allows for greater convenience and quality
  • Padded console features golf ball, beverage and scorecard storage options
  • Adjustable grab handle allows for maximized comfort and ease of use
  • Adjustable bag brackets securely accommodate most cart and stand bags
  • Easy-to-engage foot brake system keeps the cart in place during round
  • Rugged, oversized tires with tread ensure stability on a variety of terrain
  • 3-step assembly/disassembly highlighted by red handles for ease of use
  • Folds into ultra-compact triangle for low-profile, hassle-free storage